Watch: Doja Cat Shares Music Video For “Woman”

American rapper and singer Doja Cat has released the music video for her song “Woman”. The song by was released from the rapper’s third studio album Planet Her (2021). It is an afrobeats track with the lyrical theme of divine femininity.

After gaining popularity in Europe, where it entered the top 10 in countries like France, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, Lithuania and Portugal, Woman impacted Italian contemporary hit radio as the album’s fourth official single on October 1, 2021.

“Woman” is “an empowering, unabashed ode to womanhood and feminine diversity” which also explores the thoughts, emotions and woes of being a woman.

A bright, sexy and high-energy afrobeat song, it was co-written by American rapper Jidenna who also provides background vocals to the track.

In the lyrics, Doja Cat also details how patriarchy often tries to create competition by putting women against each other, and thus makes a reference to Regina George from Mean Girls (2004).

Critics compared her vocal delivery on the track to that of Rihanna (whom she name-drops in the song), and her rap delivery to that of Kendrick Lamar. “Woman” is driven by bouncy steel drums and pulsing bass. Watch Woman music video Below.

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