Top 10 Pick Of This Week

Good day to all HipHopGetters! Welcome one more Sunday to our selection of the best weekly electronic music releases. Take a pen and paper, because… Let’s start!

9. K Motionz, Emily Makis – High Note [UKF]

K Motionz seems to want to follow the path of drum n bass starring energetic songs, with melodic touches as well as very electric, but above all, with a lot of vocal. Emily Makis accompanies us throughout this beautiful song, not leaving the beat naked practically until the end of the cut. It is not very common to have vocals in the drop itself, and without a doubt it is a touch that greatly favors this future hit.

8. Ben Böhmer feat. JONAH – Home [Anjunadeep]

Ben Böhmer is unstoppable. With the release of his new album, ” Begin Again “, he continues to demonstrate his mastery of creating music. ” Home ” is a good reflection of that. On this occasion, Böhmer joins the voice of the folk duo JONAH to create this melodic and emotional track . “ Home ” is a true reflection of how comfortable Böhmer feels producing with great voices that accompany his enveloping melodies. It sounds !

7. Beudamian, Jantline – Not Ready To Commit [Jadu Dala]

It seems that the best Beaudamian is finally back. After a batch of good songs that did not come to fruition with respect to the quality of sound that we know he has, the Dutchman is back in style with that spark that characterizes him. “Not Ready To Commit” plays with a variety of sounds and instruments worthy of admiration. All yours!

6. Furyan & Hyperverb – Change My Pitch Up! [Masters Of Hardcore]

Last week we presented you with the first preview of the great Furyan’s next studio album, and today we are going with the second. Among female vocals with rising pitch, bases of breaks and melodies that encourage us to move, this song takes the first place of the week in terms of hardcore. If we had to put some problem to these two installments, it would be that we are somewhat short in terms of duration.

5. The Caracal Project – Te Vi Caer (ft. Maria-Lea) [Pilot.]

Felix never ceases to amaze us with each release. On this occasion and after having used ROSALÍA’s voice as a sample in some of his songs, the artist completely includes Spanish music in his work. The voice of the singer Maria-Lea leads us through an elegant and discreet dubstep , which we would never have said would marry so well with this beautiful Andalusian voice.

4. Boys Noize & ABRA – Affection [Boys Noize Records]

“Affection” is the second collaboration between ABRA and Boys Noize in a matter of a month, this time released on the occasion of the German’s recently released album, “+/- (Polarity)”. This bubbly rhythm cut finds the perfect middle ground between one of the emerging voices with the most personality and a complex production by the veteran producer, who rides between more sober and modular terrain with other melodics and elevators.

3. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Fearless [Scantraxx Evolutionz]

We don’t know how they’re doing it, but DBSTF doesn’t stop putting out good songs . As usual, they started this track with a powerful reverse bass drop. Nevertheless; the epicity of the melodic hardstyle takes the leading role thanks to the lead of the main melody. What to say about the final part of the track ? The style that sounds has reminded us a lot of that of the famous duo Sub Zero Project. All yours!

2. Levela – Watch Your Step [Elevate Records]

Pure darkness sneaks into this week’s Loud Cave Selection with what’s new from Levela! The British producer sneaks into our selection every Sunday with his new song “Watch Your Step” by Elevate Records. A theme loaded with mysticism whose darkness is completely full of sensuality and a vibe that gets into your bones and throws you fully onto the dance floor. We love!

1. Skepsis & Kanine – Again (Feat. Takura) [CRUCAST]

The breakbeat is once again gaining popularity within the bass, and this week Skepsis and Kanine have decided to take this path to shape “ Again ”. With a structure and sounds very similar to drum & bass, both producers go out of their comfort zone to find the equidistant point and the result could not have been better. An energetic song and a fast vocal from Takura. We hope this collab is not the last because we want more things like that!

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